Astrological Influences for the week ahead, October 21st-27th


The week at a glance: The week starts off with plenty of light and positive energy available and then pressure builds throughout the week, culminating this coming weekend with the Scorpio New Moon exactly opposite rebellious Uranus, while Mars is exactly square Saturn. This creates a pressure cooker effect with Mars, the planet of action, being blocked by restrictive Saturn, and Uranus seeking escape. Battles for power heat up with the impeachment inquiry in the US and Brexit coming to a head in Britain as the buildup of Scorpio planets continues to bring secrets and that which has been hidden into light.

In our individual lives, this energy can best be utilized for intentionally harnessing yourself to long term goals and with focused attention, patiently working through the issues that present themselves. Keep one foot on the brake this week and self-control, self-restraint and self-discipline will pay off. All of this heavy energy going on in the world darkens the collective field and it becomes necessary to intentionally gladden the mind to offset the density of these times. Focusing on what you are thankful for and appreciate in your life always works.

Monday: Don’t get caught up in the dark cloud today, this can be a fun and delightfully enjoyable time with the Moon in playful Leo, and Venus (relationships) in harmony to inspirational Neptune. The Moon square Uranus this evening fuels the drive for something exciting and out of the ordinary.

Tuesday: This is a good day to get fired up and go after it with the Moon in high spirited Leo and supported by Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion). A hunger for deeper intimate connections can be awakened this afternoon and evening with the square to Venus in Scorpio.

Wednesday: The Sun moves into the water sign Scorpio, awakening the desire to look at life from a deeper place within. As the Moon moves into Virgo midday and is in harmony to the Sun and Uranus, it is a good time for taking up a fitness program, or tending to financial matters.

Thursday: This is a good day for tending to the details and tasks of your life with the Moon in effective, efficient Virgo and in harmony to disciplined Saturn and focused Pluto. The Moon’s harmony to Venus promises enjoyable relationships and smooth interactions with others. If you have a sensitive issue with a loved one, friend, or co-worker, this would be a good time to seek clarity. Allow for some time to get away from it all with the Moon being pulled by dreamy Neptune.

Friday: Stay focused on your tasks this morning to take advantage of the Moon in efficiency minded Virgo and in harmony to Mercury (mental matters).  Relationships are enhanced with Venus in harmony to Pluto and the Moon moving into Libra by midday. Get your work done this morning and socialize tonight.

 Saturday:  It would be wise to self-monitor your anger/frustration/irritation levels as the pressure cooker heats up with the Moon in Libra conjunct Mars (the warrior) and squares disapproving Saturn and Pluto. It might be better to pull back and be the observer of it all, rather than to get pulled into this melee.

Sunday: Play it cool today and know your limits with Mars (assertiveness) being blocked by restraining Saturn. Perhaps a good morning for a brunch, or coffee and croissant with the Moon in refined Libra. The Moon moves into deep diving Scorpio midday with the New Moon this evening at 8:38 pm PDT., occurring exactly opposite freedom loving Uranus—something’s gotta give from this tension, don’t let it be you. 

 May the stars be with you!