Astrological Influences for the week ahead

Sept. 9th-15th


The week at a glance: This week features a super-sensitive Full Moon late Friday night. Every Full Moon stirs up emotions, but this one occurs in watery Pisces and conjunct mystifying Neptune, creating unique spiritual and creative opportunities, as well as unique perils. Neptune is the urge to transcend, or escape, reality. Imagining your life would be better if it were only different only creates a sore heart. Invite the divine, the mystical and magical into your life to reap the benefits of this cosmic portal where the veil between realms of consciousness dissipates.

 The planets are skewed in their distribution through the elements with seven planets in Earth signs and seven in the adaptable Mutable signs. Earth signs focus on down to earth projects and productivity—this a a week to get things done, pour yourself into your work and projects to utilize this energy. The Mutable signs facilitate adaptability and a greater ability to see things through other people’s point of view—enhancing all interactions with others.

 Monday: Throw yourself into your work and projects this morning to take advantage of the Moon starting the day in productivity oriented Capricorn, while Mars, the planet of action, is being supported by disciplined Saturn.  The Moon moves into Aquarius this afternoon and you will want to pick your head up from your projects, stand back to get the big picture, and connect with like-minded souls.

 Tuesday: A bit of a wild card day is in store for us cosmically—expect the unexpected, the whacko, and the weird to show up today. The Moon is in Aquarius and square “outside of the box” Uranus, while the Sun is opposite Neptune, clouding over clarity with its mystical fog. Don’t try to make sense of everything today—it won’t.

Wednesday: A much smoother day in the heavens with the Moon in socially minded Aquarius and in harmony with expansive Jupiter. With the Moon in a questioning aspect to the Virgo planets, you might have to make some adjustments to your plans.

Thursday: The Moon moves into imaginative Pisces in the early morning and in harmony to innovative Uranus—enhancing intuition and creativity.  Mars is square Jupiter, fueling motivation to reach for more out of life and to not settle for mediocrity.

Friday: Quite a busy day astrologically with the Full Moon conjunct Neptune occurring late tonight, bringing emotional issues to a head. The spiritual and creative energy of this Full Moon is enhanced with Mercury conjunct Venus today, facilitating speaking from the heart.

Saturday:  A busy day in the heavens begins with the Moon in Pisces and the Full Moon effect still in the air, enhanced with Mars opposite Neptune—this can lead to confusion, or feeling muddled as to the right course of action to take. This does favor fluid movement like dancing, swimming, yoga, or taking part in a ceremony, or even going to the movies. Mercury and Venus both move into Libra today enhancing relationships, partnerships and cooperative endeavors.

As the Moon moves into Aries this afternoon, the emotional sensitivity of the last few days gives way to the desire to just get going and do something new and exciting.

Sunday: The Moon is in action oriented Aries, and with no aspects for most of the day, you should feel free to do as you please, until later tonight when the Saturn square will remind you of pressing responsibilities awaiting.

May the stars be with you!