“I think you are marvelous. What is it you do again?” Mom

“David's reading flowed so beautifully with all that I sense and know to be true. The reading was like a rose opening up one petal at a time...then viola! 

Thank you so much! It was as if a load floated off of my shoulders and then a light and bright plan was dropped into my lap.”    Caroline

“I just wanted to thank you for your inspired and inspiring reading — I appreciate the heart and perceptiveness that manifests throughout.” ~Artemis=

“I have been re-listening to your astrological update; You are so great! truly! I smile as I listen not only because you know your astrology SO well and I enjoy hearing your perspective, but you also are so clear and unflinchingly honest in what you see.  This is sooo helpful!  and you put it in metaphors that are very understandable, relatable, digestible.  Anyway! enjoying the perspective as I travel this interesting road, thanks! I continue to listen and digest and see where openings for awareness and positive action are.”       Pam

 “This note is long overdue so please forgive the delay. I wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing care you took in preparing my family's charts and recordings. Everyone was blessed by your insights and reflection on the possibilities for their life's path. Thank you to Laurie for all of your help in inspiration & facilitation!    Trish 

 “I want you to know how much I appreciate the weekly astrological updates that you provide each week. I always print them out and refer to them several times daily. I want you to know that I find these so helpful and advantageous to understanding each day. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and to share your information.”  Nancy

“I so appreciate you...  Thank you for sharing your talents to guide us through this thing called life. Your readings enhance my journey through life. I see clearer. My senses are sharper. I had listened to Mitch’s reading and was overwhelmed with gratitude for David’s gift. I KNOW he keeps Mitch on the planet actually.  A safe counselor, therapist, friend.  I hope they can meet one day. 🙏❤️ P.S. Your wife is a joy over the phone. Great energy!”  

“Understanding myself and knowing I'm on my path is an incredible, magical way to live and love. I am so very grateful to you. You changed the trajectory of my life by confirming what my head and heart always knew.” 

“I know I speak on behalf of all the ladies when I with gratitude say, "Yesterday was amazing, potent, relevant, and downright both fun and exhausting!" Thank you for opening your home, heart, mind, and soul.   I left your home yesterday feeling inspired and grounded.  I appreciate your gift and am grateful to have benefited from your readings over the years.  We all look forward to the next opportunity”.     Sandra

 “Thank you so much for such an insightful session with you. I am still absorbing it all and found it fascinating and enlightening. It will help guide me as I navigate my future. Thank you so much.”  Carrie

“Your newest book is truly a masterpiece.  Every chakra chapter evolved so sensitively and smoothly into the next; it was as if the book itself were a chakra-unifying exercise!  I learned so much... felt so much...The green heart chakra chapter was beyond inspiring.  I felt you were really in your element writing that section, David. As a reader, I delighted in your personal stories (which you gave so generously and without ego).  And Laurie's role in the success of this creation is so clear and true, too.”

 “Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge with us all.  Thank you for making this ancient wisdom accessible to us.  Thank you for opening doors so lovingly. Your friend in however many lifetimes.”  Melanie

 “I have been continuing to reference our last reading. You told me two things that have been in high gear. One being that in this 9 year it was an opportunity for karmic endings. And the second being that something beautiful is being born right now. I see them both happening side by side. And I see the way the ending is affecting what is being birthed. It has been so helpful to have this awareness pulled up as between this and all the acute sensitivity, this intense ride could have been far too overwhelming. So, thank you for what you do. I very much appreciate it.”      Susan

“I so appreciate you...  Thank you for sharing your talents to guide us through this thing called life. Your readings enhance my journey through life. I see clearer. My senses are sharper. THANK YOU.  P.S. Your wife is a joy over the phone. Great energy! “ 

 “First of all, I want to thank you both for your amazing work and the insights and support it has provided me over the last 23 years. I think it’s actually been that long!!! My Transits and Progressions readings have been such valuable tools for me and I listen to and consult them numerous times each year. I am consistently thrilled and amazed at how right on they always are. With basically zero data on what’s happening in my life, you dial right in and shed light on the key issues for me each year. Thank you!!!”   Christian

“I am a yoga teacher and a teacher trainer. I've certified close to 150 graduates from all over the world. I came across your book Chakras for Beginners many years ago here in LA, at Agape (Rev. Michael Beckwith) and I LOVE your book. I recommend it to all of my trainees.  I read many of your awesome quotes when I teach on the 7 Chakras!  I greatly appreciate your insights and deep wisdom and the helpful support your work provides to me and to so many others.”

 “Wow David!  Your reading was phenomenally accurate. I think that everything that was interpreted could be almost a hundred percent accurate. Some of the things you've suggested have already began in my life such as meditation and appreciation. It is amazing what those two subjects have done for me. As of late it seems almost as things are manifesting with God speed and the universe is sending me a message.( and i do keep getting stalked by these doves and pigeons lately lol ). I just wanted to say thank you for the confidence,meaning, and optimism this reading has provided me with. I look forward to future consultations some day and hope we can be good friends.”  Trey