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Chakras Beyond Beginners

Awaken to the Tremendous Power of the Life Force Within You.

Discover the path to your energetic core and bring eack chakra into its full potential, Building on concepts presented in Chakras for Beginners, David Pond takes you past basic understanding to explore the many ways chakras can enhance the flows of vital energy in all aspects of your life.

Learn how to identify and remove the obstacles that inhibit your energy, as well as how to keep that flows open. Raise your awareness of other people's energy fields and use it to improve your relationships. Find fulfillment, security, and happiness by balancing your chakras. With this guide, you will unlock your true essence and the source of your well-being.


Chakras For Beginners

You do not have to be a Hindu yogi to live a healthy life in body, mind and soul. The universal life force of chakra energies already exists in all of us, and Chakras for Beginners will guide you on your way.

The seven spinning chakras of energy, positioned from the bottom of your tailbone to the crown of your head, receive, store, and express energy by interacting with the universal life force. Your health and well-being depend on the ease and freedom with which this energy flows back and forth between you and the universe. Knowing and realizing your chakras is one of the most effective means of balancing your life and accessing the various levels of consciousness available to you.


Astrology of Relationships

Astrology and Relationships shows you how astrology can help you improve all of your relationships. It addresses the complexities of real relationships by revealing the essential nature, needs, strengths, and challenges of every combination. Then it takes the unique step of offering exercises that will help you manifest the true potential that exists between each of the signs.


Llewellyn's Little Book of Meditation

Calm your mind, sharpen your focus, and expand your awareness with the power of meditation. Llewellyn's Little Book of Meditation is your ideal introduction to using meditative practices to improve your life. Explore the origins of meditation, the different types and how to use them, how to overcome any difficulties, and more.

The fifth book in Llewellyn's little book series, this pocket-sized, hardcover guide is packed with ways to help you develop your meditation practice, including hands-on exercises, tips for working with a specific intention, and instructions for helping children use meditation.