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A reading of your astrological birthchart can help you find your most natural way of being in the world. Understanding your chart can help you create a life path that is most naturally suited to your temperament, needs, interests and abilities. Life is much easier when you are aligned with your authentic self and is difficult when you are trying to pursue a path that is not suited to your most natural way of being—an astrology reading can help you get on the right path with yourself and provide a map to the many parts of your total being.

It helps you better understand and accept yourself and helps you to quit hammering yourself into something you are not, as well as helping you to understand the core issues behind difficulties you may be experiencing. Astrology can help you find a path of resolution.

I have been practicing astrology for over 40 years—I have also been practicing yoga, meditation, and working with the chakras as paths for awakening in consciousness. I often include applicable information from these complimentary practices in the reading of your astrology chart to help you unlock latent skills, abilities and talents that are revealed in your birthchart.

I Believe the entire universe is in a giant conspiracy for our best interest if we can only listen to its promptings. All of my work is aimed at helping you listen to this subtle guidance.”


Astrological Influences for the week ahead, Oct. 14th-20th

 The week at a glance: The week starts off with the intensity and volatility of Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries, the sign of the warrior, and then begins to smooth out by mid-week. For consciousness growth, Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be in a T square during this Full Moon period and will reveal attachments that you need to let go of to move forward. With Venus and Mercury opposite Uranus this week, the drive to liberate your whole true self can be facilitated by casting off cultural conditioning in order to be who you just are.

Monday: The intensity of yesterday’s Full Moon is still in effect with the Sun square volcanic Pluto, bringing up subconsciously motivated material that needs to be purged to move forward. The Moon does move into calm seeking Taurus this morning, but conjunct electrifying Uranus—expect the unexpected, pay attention to coincidences, and trust your intuition to guide you.

Tuesday: The Moon in comfort seeking Taurus is going to be supported by stabilizing Saturn and imaginative Neptune. Mercury (mental matters) are also being supported by Neptune, and this can be a smooth and uplifting day for taking care of the business of your life—IF you can allow others to simply go about their business as well (with the Moon’s opposition to Venus and Mercury).

Wednesday: Aaahh, a peaceful interlude in the cosmic field presents itself today with Moon in Taurus, enhancing the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and be supported by rejuvenating Pluto. The Moon moves into mentally active Gemini this evening, enhancing communications and mental stimulation of all sorts.

Thursday: Plan on a busy, but smooth day with the Moon in variety seeking Gemini, and being supported by action oriented Mars.

 Friday: Distractions seem to rule most the day with the Moon in serendipitous Gemini being tested with the temptations of excessiveness from “just say yes,” Jupiter, as well as the deception of illusions from a stressed Neptune. The mystifying fog dissipates by evening with the trine to the Sun in Libra, enhancing relationships and socializing.

Saturday:  This can be a good day for tending to home, family and personal matters, with the Moon in nurturing Cancer and being supported by intuitive Uranus. All mental matters are favored with Mercury in harmony to penetrating Pluto. If you are up late tonight, you may need to avoid heated discussions with others to side-step the potential volatility of the Moon (emotions) square Mars (anger).

Sunday: Relationships may well be the port in the storm today, with Venus, the love planet being benefited by stabilizing Saturn. This should be a good day for all close personal relationships with the Moon in Cancer in harmony to communicative Mercury and love seeking Venus. The Moon’s opposition to Saturn and Pluto can make it feel like you are going need support from loved ones to help you deal with the pressures in other areas of your life.

 May the stars be with you!