Birth Chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading


Your Astrological Birth Chart, often called your natal chart, stays with you your entire life as a celestial map to the most natural way for you to be you.  At the highest level, your chart represents the path that you and your soul have arranged for this life; no good charts or bad charts, no good signs or bad signs, simply your chart and your path.

This is not general information; it is highly specific to the individual, showing: where your natural skills and talents are and where you can expect the greatest success in life; the life style that would fit your natural characteristics including relationships; and even the specfic nature of what types of challenges you might face in life and what you can do about these tests to move beyond them. There are skillful and unskillful ways of dealing with all astrological patterns, even the challenging aspects can point to where skills need to be, and can be developed to sucessfully deal with issues that may arise. I've been practicing astrology for over 35 years and worked with 10's of thousands of charts and have never seen an aspect in any chart that somebody hasn't handled well.  I interpret your chart from this perspective; there is always a high road available.

I emphasize that life happens naturally when you create a lifestyle that allows for the integration of all these many parts of the total you that your chart reveals.

(60 minutes)

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